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The Life Of Georgie

Michelle Malkin exposes another Obama tall tale.

Here’s the real story…


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Government Gone Wild

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CBO 2011 Budget Infographic

Out. Of. Control.


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Obama’s Insider Deals

From the RNC

A total of $7.21 Billion.  Thanks Barack.  Can’t wait until they all go under… …right after they funnel millions to your reelection campaign.

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Dear Grandma and Grandpa…

…I’m just going to say it.  We love you, but you’re being incredibly selfish and unrealistic.  You are responsible for this mess too.

YOU voted in a bunch of politicians that sold you Ponzi schemes called Social Security and Medicare; you allowed politicians to stay in office and let them spend that money; you let them enrich themselves off that money; in 2010, 57% of all Federal Revenues went to pay for Social Security / Medicare; that amount is growing to enslave our countrymen.

You have to help!

You can’t just say, “No, I paid into Social Security, I get ‘retirement'”.  It’s incredibly selfish and unrealistic.

I didn’t start voting until Reagan was in office.  So, everyone else from 1935 – 1984 is also responsible for the Social Security / Medicare laws and debts created during those times and the affect of those laws since.

Why do you think you’re entitled to take my money and my kids money because you gave politicians your money, you didn’t watch them, and they spent it?

At the very least, take a look at how much you paid into Social Security/Medicare, add a compounded 4%, and strive to use only that much in your retirement.

That is not too much to ask.

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Wait! You Have Kids?!?!

There isn’t really much you can add to this video:

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Save Us Chuck Woolery

Saving America… …one albino squirrel at a time:

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