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1,428.96 Terrorists

In April, 2011, Rasmussen tells us that the views of 48% of likely U.S. voters are more in line with the Tea Party than they are with Congress.

This week, Demextremists Vice President Joe Biden and Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA) compared the Tea Party Republicans — because of their fight to reduce the spending of this insane out-of-control government —  to terrorists.

“We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”  Biden, driven by his Democratic allies’ misgivings about the debt-limit deal, responded: “They have acted like terrorists.”

48% of 2,977 is 1,428.96.  Why is 2,977 an important number?  It’s the number of people killed by actual Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists on 9/11/2001
h/t Wikipedia

ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT people that were butchered by real Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists were equated to such terrorists by Democrat Vice President Joe Biden and Democrat Representative Mike Doyle.

1,428 of those murdered would agree with the Tea Party Republicans fight to stop the debt ceiling increase!  1,428 would agree with the the cause of stopping the out-of-control spending!  1,428 killed by Muslim Extremists would agree it’s long past time to Rip Off The Band-Aid on the spending.

And to your Vice President and Democrat Representatives, those 1,428 are the terrorists, hostage takers, hijackers, religious cult members, dumb and childish, anti-democratic, and extremists… …just for expecting the country to pay its bills and get on the path to retiring the national debt.

Vice President Joe Biden and Representative Mike Doyle you are a National shame — a stain on the memory of the fine people killed that day.

Resign.  Now.

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Where’s The List

If there’s a great compromise on the Debt Ceiling Battle of 2011, where’s the list?

Here’s the text of the bill as of 9:00am EDT on 8/1/2011:


Where’s the list of U.S. Federal Departments that will be cut?!?

Where’s the list of U.S. Federal Programs that will be cut?!?

Where’s the list of U.S. Federal Salaries that will be cut?!?

Where the list of U.S. Federal Employees that will be cut?!?

Where’s the list?!?

It ain’t in this bill!

Try again. And here’s the start… …Department Of Education!

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It’s Not A Debt Increase…


The current description of the negotiations regarding increasing the debt limit is a fallacy.  We are not negotiating to increase the debt limit, we are negotiating to increase taxes.  We may or may not increase the tax rates on some or all individuals or corporations, but raising the debt limit is still a tax increase.

Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives and Tea Partiers better start calling this what it is:  A TAX INCREASE!

Why?  Let’s look at it with smaller numbers…

Let’s say the government takes $10.00 in taxes and spent all that money, but they also borrowed and spent another $1.00 for a total of $11.00.  To pay off the government, citizens will pay taxes.  Is the $11.00 repayment going to require more taxes?  Or less taxes?

Is the extra $1.00 that the taxpayers will now have to redeem to the government a tax increase? Or a tax decrease?

Let’s try with larger numbers…

Government was authorized to collect taxes at a certain rate – say $100 per year.  However, they’ve been spending $140 to $160 per year since the advent of the Obama administration.  Our federal government has spent more than the authorized $100 every year since 1968… …to the point that they owe that $100 plus $5,800

If we give them another $100 on that debt limit, what do you think they’re going to do?  They’re going to spend it!  It will be another $100 added to the $5,800 that we already owe.

Let’s use the real numbers…

The Federal Government is currently authorized, based on tax rates, to collect about $2.1 Trillion per year.  In 2009 and 2010, the Obama Administration spent $3.4 Trillion and $3.5 Trillion per year.  So, in 2011, taxpayers must now pay the $2.1 Trillion authorized PLUS the additional $2.7 Trillion from the 2009 and 2010 PLUS whatever deficit spending occurs in 2011.


More Taxes; More Deficit; More Taxes; More Deficit; More Taxes.

This is not a debt ceiling increase; we better start calling it what it is:  A TAX INCREASE!


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New Tone

This week’s e-mail from Daniel Mintz at continued to show the blatant hypocrisy of the Left.  After the Gabrielle Giffords shooting and admonishing all Tea Partiers and Conservatives (especially Sarah Palin’s election targets) for their heated rhetoric, the Left engages in persistent violence and vitriol… …even in a simple e-mail.

Conservatives would be decried for using such charged words as ‘savage’ and ‘hostage-takers’ and ‘destroy’.  On the Left, not so much:

CNN hosts even apologize when a guest uses the term ‘crosshairs‘.

There’s always a little humor at the end of the mailings.  They like to claim…

We’re entirely funded by our 5 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way.

Just millions of dollars directly from George Soros, but he’s not going through a corporation or writing the checks as a CEO, so I guess, technically, they are not lying.

Thanks Daniel, I look forward to your next fantasy (and hate filled) letter.

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Ryan’s Budget Increases Debt

Before we Fiscally Conservative Tea Partier types get too much behind Paul Ryan and his budget, we might want to remind ourselves that it INCREASES the Federal debt by about $5.5 Trillion over the next 10 years.  Only reason it’s the least bit desirable is that Obama’s budget increases the debt by $9.5 Trillion over the next 10 years.

I believe the graph below understates the problem, but you get the picture.

h/t Larry Kudlow

h/t Robert Kudlow

The only thing that Fiscal Conservatives can settle for is a Balanced Budget Amendment that includes requirements to pay of the existing debt.

Nothing more.  Nothing less.


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Can’t Even Read Guitar World!

I was paging through Guitar World Magazine yesterday looking for an example of a 24-Fret Gibson SG with a cherry finish, Rhodes Whammy, and Grover Tuners… …and what do I find?  I find that I can’t even read Guitar World without witnessing another attack on the Tea Party.

I had never heard of a Rocktron Hush Pedal, so I read its description to see that even the Guitar World writer jumps in with a leftist attack on the Tea Party (obviously with editor approval):

Apparently, Guitar World thinks only a bunch of left-wing unemployed Nancy Pelosi ObamCare loving artists subscribe to their magazine.

Too bad, because there are plenty of Tea Party Patriots that play guitar, and I’m sure many subscribe to their magazine.  Like me, many probably only have time to review the 5 songs and a couple of articles.  And, like me, they will have now heard of where they can go and find FANTASTIC tabs for most of the songs they’d like to play… …without enduring an attack on their beliefs.

So, we can thank Guitar World for yet another veiled racist attack on the Tea Partiers with your “white noise” comment.  Yes, we know; we get it.  Your meme continues. You think we don’t have enough black people at our rallies, so we are racist.  Ha ha ha.  Funny. We get it. And, you tell us the poor misguided black people that do show up are, well, brainwashed, uninformed, and Uncle Tom’s.

And, of course, most importantly, if Barack Obama were white, those at the Tea Party would be all for his Tax and Spend Liberal Democrat Policies, because, you know, we are only there because we are RACIST!


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Joe Holleman & Post-Dispatch: Welcome, Comrade!

Sunday’s Post-Disgrace column by Joe Holleman was jaw-dropping.  I had to go back, rub my eyes, and re-read the part where he says “I would label myself — ‘slightly to the right of center'”

After condescending on the simple desire to see Barack Obama’s real birth certificate with all the haughtiness of an east coast liberal, Holleman decided to wade into the controversy between tea party members (note the lower-case) and Don Giljum and Judy Ancel’s promotion, advocacy, and recruitment into the Communist Party.

Holleman says, “I think if we’re going to waste a few thousand dollars, we should do it by employing a few communists at our universities.

Let’s face it, where else are they going to go?

Communism has been kicked out of every Eastern European country. It would be dead in Cuba if the economy wasn’t bolstered by the thriving black market for 1950s car parts.”

So if college campuses don’t provide a safe haven for communists, then they’ll start circulating in the real world. Personally, I don’t need all that earnest goofiness.”

Later, Mr. Holleman points out that he was “irked” that some members of the tea party, who’s blog entries are syndicated on the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition web site, labeled advocates of communism as “degenerates” and “wastes of human flesh”.

‘Some say’ that “degenerates” and “wastes of human flesh” were too kind of words to describe the advocates of communism.

A quick aside to remind Mr Holleman of the facts:

Stéphane Courtois argues that Communism and National Socialism are slightly different totalitarian systems, and that communism is responsible for the murder of around 100 million people in the 20th century. He also argues that the National Socialists [Hitler] adopted their repressive methods from Soviet methods.

Stéphane Courtois (born November 25, 1947) is a French historian, an internationally known expert on communist studies, particularly the history of communism and communist genocides, and author of several books. The Black Book of Communism, a book edited by Courtois, has been translated into numerous languages, sold millions of copies and is considered a standard work on communist genocides.

So, Mr. Holleman wants keep the hiring window open at the universities for the ideology that murdered 100,000,000 people in the 20th Century (and from which National Socialists took their cues)?  Better they be there at the colleges teaching and recruiting our impressionable children than “circulating in the real world”?

Okay then, by Joe’s logic, what other ideologies and political theories should we welcome on campus in the name of academic freedom?  Seems that anyone who murdered 100 million or less in a century works for Joe.  At what point does the level of murder during the implementation of a political ideology become too much for Mr. Holleman (and not just “earnest goofiness”)?

How about supporters of fascism?  Hitler only killed 6 Million Jews – way less than communism dude.  Sign ’em up; right Joe?

How about the KKK? Should the grand wizard of the local radical racists be hired as an adjunct professor at UMSL or UMKC?  What great testimony to academic freedom, right?!?!  They killed way less than 1,000,000 people and probably are even bourgeoisie.

Al Qaeda has killed barely 10,000? Sign up the radical Imams?

But, we certainly don’t the ROTC or, Satan forbid, the Christian Conservatives!

Say it isn’t so Joe… …that you’d try to minimize the devastation and brutality that has been prosecuted in the name of communism and suggest that we allow its advocates a platform to indoctrinate our youth.

I think not!


Sadly, my comparison of communism, fascism, the KKK, and radical Islam will be dismissed as hysterical hyperbole, but ignoring the deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings in the name of an ideology and minimizing the hiring of their supporters at America’s universities?!?!  Well comrade, that’s just “steadfast knuckleheadedness”!

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