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Arrests in Dexter vs. St. Louis

In Dexter, MO this week a man was arrested for Burglary and Property Damage.  Here’s the article on Cape Girardeau KFVS-12 Web Site.  See his name and picture.  I’m surprised to see his name since he is under 18, but I don’t know the laws or media standards for releasing such information.  There’s no commentary or insinuated relation to his political or employment activities

In St. Louis, MO a few weeks ago, a man was arrested for Burglary and Arson and the St. Louis Post Dispatch duly reported the facts.  Note that the name of the man arrested was not disclosed and his age is not listed.  There is rampant insinuation of the relation of Carnahan’s political campaign.

Both men are innocent until proven guilty.

What’s the difference?

Jeremy Schmidt is a 17-Year-Old KID!

Chris Powers, a 50-Year-Old-Man implicated in the Carnahan firebombing is a DEMOCRAT political operative who verbally abused many town-hall attendees in August 2009.

Must be nice to have the Democrat Political Machine, the St. Louis newspapers, St. Louis television stations, and Democrat prosecutors protecting the privacy of the arrestees.

In good-ole Cape Girardeau, they get to the point.

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