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O’Reilly / Beck

On Saturday night, we enjoyed Pat Gray, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly in the Chaifetz Arena at St. Louis University.  Glenn spent some time reviewing the latest chalkboard entry on George Soros, his investment Petrobras, his investment in Obama, and Obama’s $2,000,000,000 loan to… …Petrobras.

O’Reilly spent most of his time making fun of Beck.  He was also noticeably spry for his age but desperately in need of a turkey-neck reduction surgery.

The most poignant portion of the show came when Glenn and Bill were on stage together after the intermission.  At some point in your upbringing, your view of the world is formed, and if you are a free market capitalist, you were probably taught that free market capitalism was a good thing.  So, the discussion turned to Obama’s upbringing.

Glenn listed that…

  • His mother went to Indonesia to study Socialism
  • His father wrote about Socialism and the need to 100% tax the rich
  • His teen mentor was Frank Marshall Davis… a member of the Communist Party of the USA
  • Obama’s Brother Roy and Cousin Odinga are Marxists
  • His Grandparents were socialists, and…
  • His friends at college were Socialists, Maoists, Marxists, and other radicals

If, during your upbringing, you are surrounded by NASCAR enthusiasts, it’s very likely that you will be a NASCAR enthusiast.  Obama, surrounded by Marxists, Maoists, Communists, and Socialists during his upbringing… …you do the math.

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