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Tom Langlitz Cartoon – 12/06/2010

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Don’t Worry Charlie! The Important Thing Is Captain Kirk’s Fish Story

The AP spent some quality time chasing down the Mark Kirk (candidate for US Senator from Illinois) story about his sailing accident when he was 16 years old.  AP’s reporter smelled something fishy and spent time investigating the news stories from 34 years ago to get to the truth.  After gathering information from his mother, police reports, historical documents, the AP reporter can definitely tell us in 674 words that:

  • His mother said his body temperature was in the 80s and the local newspaper said Kirk was suffering from exposure
  • Experts doubt he could have swam in 42-degree water if his body temperature was in the 80s
  • He may or may not have watched the sun set

A heroic effort by the AP reporter.

Thank goodness there are no more important stories to follow about inappropriate behaviour of those who want to be our Senators.

No worries Charlie Rangel!  Have a nice week!  Go watch the sun set.

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