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Do Tell

60% of combat Marines surveyed felt it was inappropriate to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  As we just ignored the will of 3/5 of our combat Marines, I have just a couple of quick questions regarding the repeal of the 1993 Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law that prevented gays from serving openly in the military:


Men and Women will now be subjected to showering and living with persons who may find them attractive in a sexual nature.  Gay men will have the opportunity to ogle heterosexual men found attractive.  Female homosexuals will have the same bonus in their barracks.  This may be no difference from what has occurred over the past 17 years, but now the troops will know for sure that the man/woman on the other side of the shower finds their sex to be attractive for anal, oral, or product-assisted sex.

The obvious question is… …will this benefit be restricted only to the gay men and women that join the armed forces?  Or, will all service men and women be given the same opportunity to shower and live with the sex to which they are attracted.  And, if integrated showering / living  for heterosexual man / homosexual man as well as heterosexual female / homosexual female is not a problem for the military, then why would it be a problem for heterosexual males and females to shower / live together?

Remember, God (or Mother Nature if you prefer) made the plumbing to work for heterosexuals — not homosexuals.


Many recruits joined the Armed Forces, with DADT in effect, under the assumption that they would not be expected to shower / live with homosexuals.  They may find homosexuality morally repugnant or religiously inappropriate.

Will such troops be given the opportunity to leave the Armed Forces with Honorable Discharges?  Or will their free expression of their right to abhor homosexuality be met with reverse discrimination?

I haven’t read the legislation or heard anyone discuss these questions as we have approached the vote that was taken yesterday.  And, since we ignored the will of 3/5 of our fighting Marines when deciding the issue, I wonder if we ignored these issues too.  Answers and replies are welcome.

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Ask And Tell

I certainly hope those in the homosexual camp that want to make their sexuality part of their application to the Armed Forces weren’t stupid enough to do so over the last couple of days.  After the ruling on September 9th that “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” was unconstitutional, the Pentagon on Tuesday October 19th announced they would accept applications from openly homosexual individuals.

To quote a great American, Cousin Eddie said, “But, don’t you go falling in love with it now, because, we’re taking it with us when we leave here next month.”

On Wednesday, a judge in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco (our favorite)  granted a stay of the lower court’s decision to allow openly gay men and women to serve.

So, what about the folks that skipped out to enlist their openly gay selves into the Armed Forces on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Since they had to make an issue of their sexuality in their service to our country, they may have created a conundrum for themselves.

What if Congress and the Judiciary don’t fully rescind DADT?  They’ve already outed themselves and disqualified themselves from serving under the current 1993 law.  Way to go!  Nice job counting on the government.  Sadly, many Americans have forgotten that we threw off the reigns of the British Monarchy because you can’t trust the government.

But, the bottom line is that serving in the Armed Forces is not about the individual, and my personal preference of rock and roll over country music (and rap) doesn’t mean a thing to the drill sergeant.  As a matter of fact, he or she might make me do a 1,000 push-ups because he or she like reggae!  And, I don’t have the right to serve in the Armed Forces.  You don’t see them building ADA ramps to the fox-hole?!?!

My individuality is meaningless as I learn how to become a member of our fighting machine.  And, you’re individual sexual preferences don’t mean anything either.

Did you ask and tell?  Might have been a big mistake.

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