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Claire McCaskill Votes Away Your Gun Rights

Hey Missourians…

In the same manner Sonia Sotomayor lied about her views on the 2nd Amendment, Elena Kagan doesn’t even have the ability to state that you have Natural Rights — like the right to defend yourself.

So, thanks to Claire McCaskill for voting to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.  We look forward to her first rulings against the 1st and 2nd Amendments!

Unlike with Sotomayor, we thank Kit Bond for voting with common sense against Kagan’s confirmation

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Go-Along Grahams

Yesterday, RINO Lindsey Graham voted with the Democrats in the Judiciary committee to present radical justice nominee Elena Kagan to the full Senate for confirmation vote.  Conceding that Elena Kagan is his philosophical Antichrist, he related the pathetic argument that “elections have consequences”.  Then, he quoted Phil Graham from whom he copied his logic for his Kagan vote:

“So I’m going to vote for this nominee not because I agree with him philosophically, but because I believe he is qualified. I believe he is credible. I believe his views, though they’re different than mine, are within the mainstream of thinking of his political party.

“Whether I like it or not — and I do not — I do not — the American people put Bill Clinton into the White House. This nomination is a result of that. I’m not going to stand in the way of it because I differ philosophically with this nominee.

“I’m going to vote for him, and that doesn’t mean I’m pro-choice. I’m very pro-life. I’m going to vote for him because I believe that the last election had consequences and this president chose someone who was qualified, who has the experience and knowledge to serve on this court, who’s in the mainstream of liberal philosophy and understands the difference between being a liberal judge and a politician.”

Lindsey Graham will pretend Kagan is in the mainstream when she already said she will be glad to try to fill the shoes of the liberal Justice John Paul Stevens (who is retiring) AND JUST VOTED twice to remove our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  Graham Redux feels that elections have consequences and thus we rubber-stamp the President’s nominees.

Well, Lindsey, then why fight? Don’t we just want to rubber-stamp his policies on all issues?  Bail-outs, Health Care, Cap and Tax, Financial Reform, Extending Unemployments and Deficit Spending?  Why put up a fight on any issue?  Why not be like Missouri’s Memorex-McCaskill and do Harry Reid’s bidding?

If you didn’t notice, the people of South Caroline voted you into office to be THEIR voice — not the voice of Washington politics.  Do you think for one minute the majority of South Carolinians want you to vote for someone that would strip them of their right to bear arms — someone also with radical views on free speech?  Don’t answer; you know it was a rhetorical question, and everyone knows the answer.

Senator Barack Obama didn’t play the “elections don’t matter” card when he voted against George Bush’s nominees Alito and Roberts.  Now he laughs as you pathetically play Washington insider instead of voting South Carolina’s conscience!

Think ya been there too long!

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