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AP Rewrites 9/11 History – Real Time

AP has a new directive in mentioning the Ground Zero Mosque.  It is to be called the BC-NYC Mosque or some other nomenclature.  (I thought BC and AD had been deprecated for BCE and CE — but I digress).

So, now the Associated Press, to advance it’s own left-wing political agenda of appeasement, is aiding in hiding the fact that the Mosque site is not just near Ground Zero.  It IS Ground Zero.  There’s that little fact that escapes the upper echelons of the AP… …that parts of the planes and dust from the 3000 bodies that died landed all over that building and Manhattan…. …including the proposed Mosque building.

To my way of thinking, as a favorite blogger often says, no Mosque or Islamic Center should be built within a mile of any of those plane parts or dust.

Would we build a Japanese Cultural Center two blocks from and slightly out of the sight of the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii?  If the psychotic  “Christians” at Westboro blow up a soldier’s funeral procession, are we going to allow them to open a Westboro Washington Wing at Arlington Cemetery?


The fact is, the Muslims want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero, not as an effort or method to promote peace, but in the spirit of triumphalism.  Hence, the Cordoba House name (which is quickly changed to Park51 as American’s realize its tenor).

If the Muslims want to promote peace, build a memorial to the 3000 who died in the name of their god, Allah.  It’s been easier to pull a camel through the eye of a needle than it has been to find a Muslim that has condemned the attacks on New York and Washington, DC.  So, if you’re really a religion of peace, here’s your opportunity to show it.

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