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Illegal Immigrant Letter To The Editor – Redux

Below is a letter/blog post I wrote on 11/21/2008.  Today, on 08/03/2010 nothing has changed.  Illegal immigrants continue to ravage our country, and our Federal Government continues to turn its back on its citizens, free criminal illegal immigrants to murder and rape our citizens, and ignore the laws to pander to the Hispanic community for votes.  Change a few words and plurality in my letter below and you’ve got a similar letter that can be written today about a NUN that was killed by ANOTHER DRUNK DRIVING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!

Here’s the story:  Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds

When will it stop?  Our elected officials are culpable in all these deaths!  Period!

Here’s the original letter…

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Just a Quick Note On Racism…







…not “Races”


That is all.


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