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Blueprint For Missouri

The Rockin’ Conservative kept hearing about a “Blueprint for Missouri” but had little luck finding any details on the plan.  We now have the bullet points!  Thanks Donna Lichtenegger.

Blueprint for Missouri

 Protecting Missouri Taxpayers

  • Balanced budget with no new taxes
  • County and school debt disclosure bill
  • Taxpayer Protection Act
  • Criminal justice reform

Creation [Sic] Missouri Jobs

  • Workers Compensation and Second Injury Fund Reform
  • Employment Law Reform
  • Missouri Entrepreneur Virtual Resource Network
  • Prevailing wage reform
  • Tort reform
    • Joint & several
    • Loser pays

Reforming Missouri Schools

  • Foundation formula fix
  • Turner Fix and tuition tax credits for unaccredited districts
  • Teacher Quality Act
  • Charter school expansion

Defending Missouri Values

  • Pro-life conscience bills
  • Review of Missouri’s Mandatory reporter law
  • Expanded college savings plans
  • Driver’s license in English
  • Voter ID
  • Veterans Home funding

Would be wonderful to update with this list, more details, and links to the related bills.

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Also On FBI’s Most Wanted List: Blueprint For Missouri

As scarce as details on the Missouri Caucus, we have a new entry into the cloudy world of Missouri Politics.

This tidbit and tease also came in the most recent Capitol Reports from Cape County’s Representatives: It is “The Blueprint For Missouri”.  I suspect that’s something akin to the “Contract With America of 1996”.

There are several issues the House will debate during the 2012 Legislative Session.  The principle agenda here in the Missouri House is called the Blueprint for Missouri. The Blueprint is our plan to move Missouri forward. The program rests on four important issues: protecting taxpayers, creating jobs, reforming schools and protecting our values.

And, I say ‘tease’ because they must be teasing the plan and preparing the grand press release for… …say… …2013.

I searched the webernets for ‘Blueprint For Missouri’.  Many, many pages of links were returned, so I reviewed the entries on the first 5 pages of Google links — 50 in all.  From that I opened 13 web pages that looked promising, and the actual blueprint was only mentioned here and here and here and here and here and here.

What I didn’t find was an official Missouri House, Senate, GOP or Republican web page or press release describing in detail the bullet points in the “Blueprint For Missouri”.  Many of the pages were articles with vague descriptions of the purported document, and only one web page had what may or may not be a comprehensive list… …assuming the MO GOP was kind enough to share it with them.

Hey Republicans; how about we get the details of this Blueprint out on, say,!?! …along with a detail list of the non-tentative locations of the caucuses.  I’m sure there are several issues on the Blueprint for which Missouri activists could lend their support!




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MO Legislature Has Innovative Idea To Spur Job Creation

Yes! In two of the Capitol Reports received via e-mail from Cape County’s state Representatives, it is confirmed!  Missouri has an innovative idea to spur job creation!  Are you ready?!?!

They’re gonna make a list.

Stop clapping.  Hold the applause.  Hang on to your panties.

From the Capitol Reports of Wayne Wallingford and Ellen Brandom:

Putting Missourians back to work will be a priority again this session.  Last session, we took several steps to create jobs.  We cut taxes on small businesses adding new employees, eliminated the franchise tax and adopted several measures to improve the business climate.  But with an unemployment rate still above 8%, there is still work to be done.

One innovative idea to spur job creation is the Entrepreneur Virtual Resource Network.  This new program would provide resources to the Department of Economic Development for a website that pools the information needed to start a small business in the state.

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of job creation, but they often need assistance in navigating the regulatory hoops necessary to create their business from scratch.  This website will give them a one-stop shop on how to get their idea to the marketplace.

At least they’re saving money and time by collaborating on the text of their Capitol Reports (or Leadership is writing them).


Now, I’m all for getting information out via the Interwebs; that’s how I make my living.  But to claim that making a long list of the laws, rules, and regulations that stand in the way of starting or expanding a business in Missouri will create jobs is laughable.

Here’s a better idea.

  • Go ahead and make the list, but save the time and effort of creating the web site
  • Then, order the list by necessity of the law, rule, regulation from greatest to least
  • Finally, write and pass a bill to repeal all the laws, rules, and regulations on the bottom half of the list

There you have it.  One half of the red tape that ties down job creators is cut.  Missouri is job friendly.

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Happy New… …40,000 Laws

As New Year’s Eve passed, news stories started running to remind us that 40,000 new Local, State, and Federal laws had gone into effect — likely 39,999 attacks on our freedoms.

I assumed some of those laws were from Missouri, so in an e-mail, I suggested to Cape Girardeau County’s Missouri State Legislators that they include the list of new Missouri Laws be included in their next weekly Capitol Report e-mails.

I got a quick lesson, compliments of Missouri Senator Jason Crowell, about the Missouri Constitution.  He was kind enough to have his Legislative Assistant, Ryan Nonnemaker, provide some good information on Missouri’s new laws.

First, Missouri Laws, when enacted without an Emergency Clause, always go into effect on August 28th.  That was my Constitutional lesson for the day.

Next, he provided a link to the Missouri Senate Web Site that listed all the ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX new House and Senate originated bills that were Truly Agreed and Finally Passed.

How about, in 2012, we have a NET REDUCTION of 166 laws?!?!

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Who Would Oppose ‘No More Tax Forms’?

One of the bonuses for getting out of the world of the Income Tax is that, with consumption taxes, you don’t fill out any forms at the end of the year.  My 2010 Tax filing for the State Of Missouri included the forms:

  • MO-1040h/t
  • MO-A
  • Add’l Dependents
  • From 1040 (Federal)
  • Schedule A (Federal)

My Federal Income Tax filing include the forms:

  • Form 1040
  • Schedule A
  • Schedule D
  • Schedule E,p2
  • Form 5695
  • Schedule M
  • Capital Loss Carryforward Worksheet
  • Tax Payments Worksheet
  • Charitable Contributions Worksheet
  • Student Loan Worksheet
  • Carryover Worksheet

Of course, there’s no way the average American knows all the forms to be completed and either uses a program to complete their taxes or seeks the services of a professional.  Costs, including fees for electronic filing and direct deposits, exceed $150 per year.

Get rid of income taxes; get rid of all those forms!

Enter United For Missouri, Let The Voters Decide, and Art Laffer (who must have been a zygote when he was cheif economist for President Reagan).  These groups are working in Missouri to end the Income Tax in favor of a State Consumption (Sales) Tax.  There is extensive information available on their web sites about the benefits of the switch to a Consumption Tax.

But, the usual big government / big money / deep pocket forces are lining up against what’s best for Missouri and America.  A report from John McMillen about the opponents to the plan crossed my e-mail today:

Wednesday night 11/2/11. Just got back from St. Louis…”Let Voters Decide” held a conference at the DoubleTree Hotel conference room in Chesterfield, on the 2012 initiative to replace Missouri’s income tax with an increased sales tax.

Art Laffer, Reagan’s chief economic adviser, dubbed the father of supply side economics, was guest speaker. Doctor Laffer had reviewed the analysis of the “Let Voters Decide” proposal and was highly complementary of the proposal and very excited about what it will do to bring business incentives and a job growth environment back to the state of Missouri.

Missouri currently ranks 48th (that’s 2nd from last) for economic growth among all states in our nation. We can not continue allowing this current corrupt income tax system to be used by politicians as mechanism to pick winners and losers, rewarding their political backers and donors through tax credits, and special tax loop holes for their lobbying friends while conversely punishing the rest of us taxing (forcing from us) what we EARN all in order to advance their political agenda.

Dr. Laffer was very optimistic that the “Tax Relief for Missourians” initiative making it to the 2012 ballot and being voted in by the people.

However, this is going to be a hard fight. There is heavy opposition mounting to keep the people’s earnings subject to the will of state politicians, instead of the rightful owners of those earnings… the people who earn it.

Claire McCaskill’s 2008 campaign manager has joined forces with the opposition group “the Missouri Budget Project” and is putting together a coalition of opposition forces mimicking our “United for Missouri’s Future” by adopting the name “Coalition for Missouri’s Future”…. one thing is for certain, Missouri’s future and the future of Missourians is definitely at stake.

This new coalition is made up of Chambers of Commerce in some areas, AARP, Missouri School Board Association, the Teachers Union, Missouri Broadcasters Association, Missouri Realtors Association.

Thousands of Missouri citizens, members of these organizations will be sadly misinformed and scared into refusing to listen to both sides to make a rational logical decision.

In addition to this, there will be boat loads of special interest money from the usual left wing sources flooding our state to defeat this measure.

Dr. Laffer is correct. The entire political landscape of the nation will be focused on this battle. We have the opportunity for Missouri to be the first state in the union to abolish the income tax that taxes what YOU earn, and replace it with a tax on what YOU choose to SPEND. YOU pay your tax when YOU VOLUNTARILY choose to SPEND; NOT through COERCION FROM AN ALL POWERFUL STATE.

Jim Moody is the chief lobbyist and spokesperson for the Missouri Budget project. Mr. Moody is a former republican Missouri House member and budget committee chairman under Ashcroft. This of course always heavily emphasized in media releases and is touted to imply serious credibility.

However, one of the chief proponent spokesmen for this initiative is Carl Bearden, also a former republican House member and former speaker pro tem and also a former chairman of the House Budget Committee who was term limited out in 2007. But this highly credible item is never mentioned in any press reports on this controversial and extremely critical issue.

Mr. Bearden has formed a coalition of United for Missouri’s Future, Missouri Club for Growth, and Let Voters Decide.

Here’s an AP press release telling only one side of this issue which is typically the case. The central message is their usual false assertions that getting rid of the income tax and replacing it with an increase in state sales tax on a broadened tax base is: “regressive” “hurts the poor and the elderly” “unfair” “bad idea” “decreases revenues” etc, etc. this is their usual tired worn out rhetorical talking points which are all blatantly false because they ignore offsetting positive features in the proposal that neutralize or eliminate these negative assertions and assumptions.

The only way we can win our freedom from the evil debilitating effects of the income tax is for all grass roots conservative organizations to join ranks with “Let Voters Decide” stand up and fight back against this well funded, well connected, media favored, deceptive opposition coalition that gets diverted funds from various unions, liberal progressive donors, and front groups created with George Soros funding.

It will take a cooperative active network of like minded conservatives to educate and spread the facts to our friends, family, and neighbors.

I appreciate the opportunity to share as Paul Harvey would say, “The rest of the Story” with facts and data that exposes the truth so YOU CAN DECIDE intelligently for yourself.

Check out these sources to do some research on your own, if you haven’t already.

Democrats and certain establishment Republicans crave big government power and graft.  They will forever fight against true simplification of the tax structure, and it’s up to Conservatives and Libertarians to join the battle to complete this mission.

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Jason Crowell: Senate Passes a Taxpayer First Jobs Package

By Missouri State Senator Jason Crowell (

Attention Shifts to See What the House Does


Over the past few weeks, I have shared with you how Missouri had the opportunity to make September’s Extraordinary Session a “Taxpayer and Missouri Jobs First” Special Session.  And because you demanded the right legislation be passed, the Senate listened and passed a bill that put job creation and the Missouri taxpayer first.  Your calls and emails led to the Senate scrapping the special interest first plan and passing Wednesday a jobs bill that begins making government live within its means and ties incentives directly to jobs created.

In the past, the state has subsidized activity because of promised jobs.  The special interests worked hard lobbying and giving to campaigns and convinced legislators that their tax credits would create jobs and enhance economic development.  This influence led to politicians giving out hundreds of millions of your hard-earned tax dollars to Low Income Housing tax credits, Historic Preservation tax credits and Land Assemblage tax credits.  However, while the awarding of tax credits increased over the last 13 years by 430.8 percent, equaling $545 million in 2011, the promised jobs have never been created.

That is because subsidized activity not tied to job creation fails to create jobs.  All those tax credits did was line the pockets of wealthy developers who, with the help of the politicians, conned the Missouri taxpayer.  It is clear that instead of job growth, Missouri’s return on investment was 21 cents for every dollar spent on Historic Preservation tax credits and 11 cents for every dollar spent on Low Income Housing tax credits.  “Give me a dollar and I will give you 21 cents or 11 cents back.”  You would never do that with your own money, and you should not allow the politicians to do such with your tax dollars.

Yet this has been the state’s economic plan, and it almost passed again.  For example, when redeveloping Schultz School Senior Housing in Cape Girardeau, we were told that if we subsidized the project, jobs would come and economic development would occur.  However, after spending $373,000 an apartment unit in Low Income Housing and Historic Preservation tax credits, permanent jobs did not.  Giving $16.7 million of your tax dollars to rehab 45 units for 11 – 21 cents on the dollar return is outrageous.  Over the course of the last two weeks there was an awakening that occurred with State Senators; they listened to your demands for responsible use of your hard earned tax dollars.  “We must tie incentives to job creation, not activities that may or may not create jobs.”

The removal of $300 million in Aerotropolis warehouse tax credits from the special session is acknowledgement of this key principle.  It is wrong, with our country facing massive manufacturing job losses to China, to make the central component of a “Made in Missouri” jobs plan the subsidization of the importation of China-made goods.  The battle now goes to the House where House leaders, who put their campaign accounts above Missourians, have said we must give $300 million to China importation warehouses. [Emphasis Added]

The bill that passed the Senate, which House leaders oppose, also included real tax credit reforms saving taxpayers $947 million over 15 years.  It caps and sunsets both the Historic Preservation tax credit and Low Income Housing tax credit.  The reforms also include clawbacks for failing to create jobs.  We have the ability to recapture any tax credits given out for noncompliance with the requirements, which specifically include creating the new jobs promised.  We have succeeded in the Senate, and with your continued support and help, we can win the House and beat back the special interests and developers House leaders covet.

Your humble blogger agrees that there has been great success, but yet, there still lurks great danger.  Buried in the verbiage of the Senate passed bill is language that describes how areas can be ‘blighted’ for their ‘potential’ to produce green energy.  Read here.

I implore you to continue to contact your Missouri Representatives asking them to kill this bill and start fresh with a bill to truly reform Missouri’s Tax Credit process… …with out the Green Energy / Agenda 21 Trojan Horse.


As always, I appreciate hearing your comments, opinions, and concerns.  Please feel free to contact me in Jefferson City at (573) 751-2459.  You may write to me at Jason Crowell; Missouri Senate; State Capitol; Jefferson City, MO  65101, or e-mail me at: or visit me on the web at

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Kinder Must Go?

On 8/26/11, The Missouri Record (MR) blog published a post entitled “Kinder Must Go”.

The assertion is intially based on the claim by a Penthouse Pet, stripper, and pantless bar waitress that Peter Kinder behaved inappropriately.  Like millions of American males, Kinder frequented a strip club, and now, he finds himself involved in a he-said/she-said situation.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Then, a GOP supporter and major donor tells Politico that he (the donor) is so principled and supportive of the Republican Party, that if Kinder runs for governor, he will support Jay Nixon who belongs to and supports the party that defends the murder of a million unborn humans per year.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Then, according to the MR post, Politico reports that the Missouri State GOP may pull support for Kinder.  The Missouri State GOP denies the claim by Politico.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

The Missouri Record reports that Kinder’s campaign sees a Left Wing Rag Magazine pumping an unsubstantiated story from a Penthouse Pet, stripper, and pantless bar waitress as a Democrat ploy to distract from the failed record of the current Democrat Governor.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Without citing any poll, we read that Kinder “was never in danger of actually defeating Governor Nixon”

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Then, we must be concerned that, a few days before the election, the opposition might run ads that lie about Kinder as a Republican Gubernatorial Candidate.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Of course he must go.  He must martyr himself as a politician and take the “opportunity to write his own political epilogue.”  He should take all the accomplishments of his political career, put them on a tombstone, and retire into anonymity.


Uh. No.

Just like we’ve been expected to take Barack Obama at his word that he is a Christian (despite all the evidence to the contrary), we better damn well be ready to take Peter Kinder at his word.  Kinder is not accused of nor has had to admit anything illegal like smoking pot or using cocaine — unlike our President.

And, Kinder is not the subject of a Missouri Auditor law suit.  The Missouri (yes Republican) Auditor has filed suit against Governor Nixon for illegally reducing expenditures where he glaringly REDUCED BUDGETS FOR REPUBLICANS BUT NOT DEMOCRATS!

Kinder was twice audited by Democrat Missouri Auditors with no findings of fault, and when later accused of travel improprieties, he made immediate restitution at the mere air of such a concern.

Nixon, as soon as he was inaugurated, put the keibosh on the Matt Blunt E-Mail Scandal after using it as campaign fodder to get elected.  Blunt and co-accused Ed Martin were more than ready to have the details aired out, but Nixon closed the investigation.

Although he said, “I think I have a record over 25 years that’s supported workers, that’s supported individual rights, that clearly believes strongly in the rights … of minorities,” Jay Nixon has been mute as Peter Kinder fought to stop the undermining of Missourian’s individual rights under Obamacare and hasn’t said word one about the travesty that is the TSA attack on our 4th amendment rights.

Jay Nixon has now called a special legislative session (costing taxpayers thousands) to push the Aerotropolis boondoggle that will reward donors with taxpayer money in a outrageous example of crony capitalism.

Nixon ignored the opportunity to capitalize on the exodus of businesses from Illinois after their massive Income Tax increases while Governors from Indiana and Wisconsin courted businesses and individuals to consider their states for planting new roots.

Nixon rejected legislation that would have required many voters to display government-issued photo identification when they cast ballots.

And, Nixon ‘led from behind’ by allowing the abortion restrictions to go into effect without his signature.  Certainly more restrictions on abortions are necessary, but such an issue should be led by the Governor — not an “it’s in my pocket” approval.

Certainly Kinder, with the record below (highlighted by the Missouri Record), would never be able to mount a successful challenge in light of the above…

Kinder, in the partial birth abortion bill of 1997, he worked to override the governor’s veto.
Kinder was also instrumental in passing Missouri’s concealed-carry law.
Kinder’s lawsuit in opposition to the President’s health care reform has been joined by officials in dozens of states.
And most importantly, Kinder has worked successfully to bridge the urban/rural divide in Missouri politics

Pack it in Peter Kinder; you must “Go”

The Missouri Record may be right; I may be wrong. But, to call for Kinder to take a dive is, likely, putting the knock-out before the punch.


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