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I Agree; Laws Need To Change Regarding Deadly Weapons

I’ve attended hundreds of baseball games, hockey games, concerts, and other events over the past years. Each time, I am summarily disarmed as I enter the venue… …as if I am a criminal just for wishing to protect myself. At Scottrade Center in St. Louis (and others I’m sure), I can’t even carry a 3″ knife with me for minimal, minimal protection.

In Las Vegas on Sunday night (a conceal and carry state), 1000’s of concert-goers were disarmed as they entered the venue.

As I leave Busch Stadium or Riverport or others, I see that it would be impossible to exit the venue safely and quickly should a need for an emergency exit arise.

It’s a gauntlet of death.


IT IS FAR PAST TIME for Americans to stop being willing to disarm themselves and submit to a lack of protection at sporting, concert, and other venues.

Had concert-goers in Las Vegas been armed, they could have returned fire preventing the deaths of dozens. Instead of firing hundreds of rounds, Paddock would have been ducking behind some sort of protection. Yes, there would have been collateral damage.  But lives would have been saved, and, I’m sure there’s some Democrat out there that has already said, “If just one life can be saved…”

If we won’t allow concert-goers to be armed, then the venue better provide all protection against threats that can be conceived, or they should shut down. LEO and security personnel must be on hand to return fire to a shooter, take down a terrorist with a moving van, or jump on a bomb should the area come under attack.

Don’t want to spend the money? Americans can vote with their feet.

It IS time to change the gun laws… …to allow citizens to better protect themselves from any threats or require those that would disarm us to provide protection and be held liable.


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RightOnline – Saturday In Vegas

This morning’s activity at the conference in Vegas started out with a bastion of great conservatives rallying the troops to get out and do the hard ground work necessary to take back the country from the cancer of Liberal Progressivism.

Speakers included:

  • Judge Andrew Napalitano
  • Herman Cain
  • Tim Phillips
  • Phil Kerpen
  • John Fund
  • Curtis Sliwa

The most enjoyable part of the morning was when Michelle Moore interviewed FCC Chairman (1 of 5) Robert McDowell.  He spoke during Friday night’s dinner and piqued our curiosity with ‘Net Neutrality.  He gave us some great insight into the machinations of the FCC and the power they have over about 1/6 of the economy.  Watch for the video, by me ;), at

This afternoon, I attended the Breakouts

  • Breakout 7 – Holding their feet to the fire
    • Brad Stewart / Kelly Maher
    • Be sure to know the laws for your state when videotaping regular people
    • You can generally take video tape of any elected official at any briefing
  • Breakout 8 – Prosperity 101
    • This is a wonderful program to take back to the workplace to help employees get informed about general economics of business
    • It will help them with understanding Freedom, the Free Market, and that their Job Security comes through the Business’ Prosperity
    • Helps them become Informed, Involved, Impactful
    • I plan to take this information back to the president at Spartan Light Metal Products and suggest he (and all owners) follow this program

And that’s the end of the structured event.  Time to enjoy Vegas for another night and head back to Missouri on Sunday!


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