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Heard of a Magnetar?

A Yahoo story describes scientists’ discovery of the Westerlund 1 Cluster in 1961.  Westerland 1 contains what has been called a Magnetar.  Theorized in 1992 and now widely accepted, the Magnetar is a type of neutron star with an extremely powerful magnetic field, the decay of which powers the emission of copious amounts of high-energy electromagnetic radiation, particularly X-rays and gamma rays.

The Yahoo story talks about how the creation of this Magnetar from a star 40 times the size of our sun creates interesting questions about our knowledge of the life cycle of stars.

So, before 1992 we were sure that certain sized stars became Black Holes and smaller stars became Neutron Stars.

Before 1543 and Copernicus, we KNEW… …the Sun revolved around the Earth

Before 1492, we KNEW… …the Earth was flat.

And many among us… …KNOW there is no God.

Sure about that?

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