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Kinder Must Go?

On 8/26/11, The Missouri Record (MR) blog published a post entitled “Kinder Must Go”.

The assertion is intially based on the claim by a Penthouse Pet, stripper, and pantless bar waitress that Peter Kinder behaved inappropriately.  Like millions of American males, Kinder frequented a strip club, and now, he finds himself involved in a he-said/she-said situation.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Then, a GOP supporter and major donor tells Politico that he (the donor) is so principled and supportive of the Republican Party, that if Kinder runs for governor, he will support Jay Nixon who belongs to and supports the party that defends the murder of a million unborn humans per year.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Then, according to the MR post, Politico reports that the Missouri State GOP may pull support for Kinder.  The Missouri State GOP denies the claim by Politico.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

The Missouri Record reports that Kinder’s campaign sees a Left Wing Rag Magazine pumping an unsubstantiated story from a Penthouse Pet, stripper, and pantless bar waitress as a Democrat ploy to distract from the failed record of the current Democrat Governor.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Without citing any poll, we read that Kinder “was never in danger of actually defeating Governor Nixon”

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Then, we must be concerned that, a few days before the election, the opposition might run ads that lie about Kinder as a Republican Gubernatorial Candidate.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Of course he must go.  He must martyr himself as a politician and take the “opportunity to write his own political epilogue.”  He should take all the accomplishments of his political career, put them on a tombstone, and retire into anonymity.


Uh. No.

Just like we’ve been expected to take Barack Obama at his word that he is a Christian (despite all the evidence to the contrary), we better damn well be ready to take Peter Kinder at his word.  Kinder is not accused of nor has had to admit anything illegal like smoking pot or using cocaine — unlike our President.

And, Kinder is not the subject of a Missouri Auditor law suit.  The Missouri (yes Republican) Auditor has filed suit against Governor Nixon for illegally reducing expenditures where he glaringly REDUCED BUDGETS FOR REPUBLICANS BUT NOT DEMOCRATS!

Kinder was twice audited by Democrat Missouri Auditors with no findings of fault, and when later accused of travel improprieties, he made immediate restitution at the mere air of such a concern.

Nixon, as soon as he was inaugurated, put the keibosh on the Matt Blunt E-Mail Scandal after using it as campaign fodder to get elected.  Blunt and co-accused Ed Martin were more than ready to have the details aired out, but Nixon closed the investigation.

Although he said, “I think I have a record over 25 years that’s supported workers, that’s supported individual rights, that clearly believes strongly in the rights … of minorities,” Jay Nixon has been mute as Peter Kinder fought to stop the undermining of Missourian’s individual rights under Obamacare and hasn’t said word one about the travesty that is the TSA attack on our 4th amendment rights.

Jay Nixon has now called a special legislative session (costing taxpayers thousands) to push the Aerotropolis boondoggle that will reward donors with taxpayer money in a outrageous example of crony capitalism.

Nixon ignored the opportunity to capitalize on the exodus of businesses from Illinois after their massive Income Tax increases while Governors from Indiana and Wisconsin courted businesses and individuals to consider their states for planting new roots.

Nixon rejected legislation that would have required many voters to display government-issued photo identification when they cast ballots.

And, Nixon ‘led from behind’ by allowing the abortion restrictions to go into effect without his signature.  Certainly more restrictions on abortions are necessary, but such an issue should be led by the Governor — not an “it’s in my pocket” approval.

Certainly Kinder, with the record below (highlighted by the Missouri Record), would never be able to mount a successful challenge in light of the above…

Kinder, in the partial birth abortion bill of 1997, he worked to override the governor’s veto.
Kinder was also instrumental in passing Missouri’s concealed-carry law.
Kinder’s lawsuit in opposition to the President’s health care reform has been joined by officials in dozens of states.
And most importantly, Kinder has worked successfully to bridge the urban/rural divide in Missouri politics

Pack it in Peter Kinder; you must “Go”

The Missouri Record may be right; I may be wrong. But, to call for Kinder to take a dive is, likely, putting the knock-out before the punch.


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Buttering Hobart’s Bread

Apparently Ryan Hobart doesn’t know where his bread is buttered.  In an article about Peter Kinder’s patriotic effort to push back at the Federal Government’s unconstitutional requirements in the Health Care Bill (HR3590), Hobart protests that Kinder hasn’t released the names of the donors to his effort since the state is not footing the bill.

As you know Democrat Governor Nixon is too busy in the Cape Girardeau area spending more travel dollars (than anyone else) touting the Autism legislation (disappointing in my opinion) that passed in Missouri.  Obviously, selling bad bills (after they have already passed) is the new Democrat milieu.  And, Chris Koster, Democrat, isn’t looking out for Missourians who overwhelmingly favor free market principles over the government control of the Health Care sector.  Remember too that Obama couldn’t beat the pathetic campaign of McCain in Missouri.

So, Kinder is lining up donors to pay for the effort Health Care push-back.  In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, Hobart complains…

“For months he has refused to disclose his donors. Missourians deserve to know if Peter Kinder is allowing his office to be subsidized by the insurance industry and its lobbyists or candidates who want this law repealed. Instead, up to this point, all of that information has been hidden from the public, even though Lieutenant Governor Kinder is using state resources to publicize his actions,” Hobart said.

Hobart forgets that the evil Insurance companies and their lobbyists saw their stock prices go UP after the enactment of HR3590.  And, in 2008, 2009, and 2010, when the Insurance and HMO sectors made a sharp increase in the amount donated to Democrats vs. Republicans, we know that the Democrats had a bill to pay.  And did they!  They gave the Insurance giants an enormous pool of ‘required’ customers by unconstitutionally mandating that all Americans buy insurance or pay fines.  And seriously, Hobart’s going to tell us that the Insurance Companies are going to support Kinder’s effort which might remove 30,000,000 new customers that the Democrats just gave them?!?!

Mr. Hobart might want to think about those little facts before he complains about the financiers of Kinder’s efforts.  Maybe he just grabbed is 2006 Democrat talking points instead of the ones from 2010.

A journalist might have also asked for the list of ‘state resources’ that Kinder is using ‘to publicize his actions’, but I digress.

Check 2006 – 2010 changes in Contributions by HMOs and Insurance Companies here.

Kinder’s Web Site: Health Care In Action

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