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Blame It On Bush: Recession Ended In June 2009

In Yahoo News today, according to economic experts at the National Bureau of Economic Research, the recession ended just 5 months into the Obama Administration Bush-blame-a-thon.  So, can we assume the Obama Administration will blame the Bush (and Democrat Congress) Policies of massive corporate crony bail-outs for the end of the Recession.

Wanna buy a bridge?


But since he blamed Bush for the Recession and everything else bad that happened in the first two years of the Obama Administration, it’s only appropriate to continue to blame that Administration for the status of the economy!

I hear the spin machines whirring at the Whitehouse as I type… “…only the aggressive efforts of this Administration have brought the greatest Recession since the Great Depression to an abrupt halt…”


If the status of the economy is Bush’s fault at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010, then the end of the Recession in June 2009 is his fault too.

Way to go George?  Nice bailouts.

(tongue firmly in cheek)

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Whoops: Obama Warns that Republican Policies Will Improve The Economy!

In an interview on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show”, Obama attempted to rally the troops, the blacks, to be fired-up for the November 2010 election.  I won’t discuss the racist nature of his attempt to fire-up African-Americans to work against Republicans.  The deafening cries of “Rasicst!!” would have drowned out the sights and sounds of the Daytona 500 had George Bush made such a statement.

But, when you take Obama’s statement literally, he actually says that the Republican Policies are where he wants us to be:

“And we could end up slipping back into the same situation that we were in before this recession hit, only worse.”

Well, the situation when the Democrats took over Congress in 2007 and before this recession hit in 2008 was:

  • A DOW at $12,621.77
  • GDP of 3.5%
  • Unemployment Rate of 4.6%.
  • The number of jobs increasing
  • National Debt of about $8.0 Trillion

Again, that seems like the good-old-days, and we Conservatives were already unhappy with the Republicans and their big-spending nature.

Don’t know if President Obama’s statement was intentional or a Freudian slip, but it seems that he did speak the truth!

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