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Liking Robin

For those of you who can’t bring yourself to ‘Like’ Robin Carnahan on her Facebook page, you might want to reconsider.  Her campaign is determined to ensure their loss through this public portal into its inner workings.  Today they advertised for folks to come and get signs to proudly display in their yards supporting Carnahan’s campaign.

The replies are rich and give a great insight into the campaign and her supporters.  Here’s the post from her Facebook page:

If the way she runs her campaign is any indication of how organized she would be when acting as our Representative, I think we and her supporters are in for big trouble.  To be fair, a few later posters noted that they ‘had’ their signs.  But, for the most part, it looked like people have tried to get information from her about where and how to get signs with no luck?

Sound familiar?  Ever tried to get any information out of little brother Russ?

Sadly, her followers can’t even think to call the office for more information and sit at their computers whining about the vacant space in their yards where a Carnahan sign should be.  And of course, left wing liberal Patrick Graney chimes in with the useless “teabagger” and “screaming buffoonery” comment.  I’m sure a conversation with him would be expose the same typical liberal lack of ability to debate the issues apparent Carnahan’s radio and TV ads.  Oh, he’s a teacher?  Hmm, any bets on whether he supports Big Unions and more money to fix schools?!?!

Don’t worry common-sense-conservative friends?  I will keep an eye on her Facebook shenanigans for you!  No need to burn your eyes with inane liberal chatter.

Here are the remaining posts for your enjoyment.  The comments about not being able to afford or pay for a sign are funny.  It’s sad if the folks were being serious and think they have to buy the signs.

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Is Carnahan Up For The Job?

The Washington Times reports that Missouri is one of 5 states that have not implemented the electronic-delivery requirement under the MOVE Act.  The MOVE Act was enacted in 2009 to ensure that our Military brothers and sisters abroad were not denied their right to vote (as was rampant in 2008)

The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE Act) requires states to mail absentee ballots at least 45 days before an election and requires states to use electronic delivery mechanisms to expedite the delivery of absentee ballots to military members.

As I read the article, I prayed that Missouri would not be on this list… …knowing, personally, friends and coworkers who have family members in harms way.  But to my disappointment, there was Missouri on the list.

Robin Carnahan, the Secretary of State of Missouri, would be your employee responsible for enacting the measures described under the MOVE Act.  Much will be made of her Senatorial opponent’s voting record in the run-up to the November 2010 election.  So, if we’re going to look at Robin’s record, on this one, we see… …job NOT done.

But, we’re to believe she’s up for the next job she wants.

I know I’ll hear about “legislature this” and “governor that” and “Matt Blunt email thus” and “It’s Bush’s Fault”, but the bottom line is that the job should have got done.

Here’s some more from Big Government on Carnahan’s shenanigans with the voter roles

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