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Run, For-Russ! Run!

For-Russ Gump Carnahan has been sending out the end-of-quarter e-mails over the past few days to bolster his campaign war-chest.  In his e-mail campaign, he tells us he is running for… …well, he doesn’t tell us.  I can only guess he’s running for Congress.

But where?

I went to his web site to find that he’s, I guess, running for Missouri’s 3rd U.S. Congressional District… …in the ‘Way-Back Machine’.  The 3rd District looks quite a bit like a district… …that no longer exists!

Well, before you ‘Join the Carnahan Crew’, you might want to ‘Get The Facts’ about the Congressional Seat for which Carnahan is running.  You certainly wont find out on his web site, and there are no links to a campaign site in his e-mail.

Maybe he just wants more of your money for brother Tom.

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Klassy: Carnahan Drops The F-Bomb on Clay

Russ Carnahan


Politico reports from a “source” in its daily Huddle that Congressman Russ Carnahan had the choice words for Congressman Lacy Clay as they passed each other on the House Floor two weeks ago:

Clay’s crime: He wouldn’t push Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon to veto a Republican-drawn remap of the state’s congressional districts that would pit Clay, who is black, against Carnahan, who is white, in a heavily African-American district in St. Louis. To add insult to injury, Clay and Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emmanuel Cleaver, who would end up with a more Democratic Kansas City-based district, had stopped taking Carnahan’s calls on the matter.

It’s stunning to me that Carnahan would think he had a chance in heavily Conservative Missouri where the exodus from Democrat stronghold St. Louis played a big part in the reduction in the number of Representatives.

But, thanks for stayin’ klassy!

h/t Politico Huddle - 20110419

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Carnahan’s Town Hall Hit Squad Returns

Police are questioning a fired Carnahan campaign worker according to KSDK about the break-in and fire at a campaign office nine days ago.

It turns out it was a Carnahan Campaign ex-Staffer (Chris Powers) seen in the video below. seems to have scrubbed the original Jake Wagman 8/17 story from their site… …but the original picture is still there.  I wonder why?  A little more digging finds the article here. With all the mentions of the campaign, Ed Martin, and the ‘fracas’, we easily see the slant.

You can see ME in the video in an orange shirt.  Later, I had to step between Chris Powers and a fine lady name Arlene as he verbally attacked her and screamed in her face.  In the video, Powers calls fellow town hall attendees ‘morons’.  I think we have proof-positive who the real moron is!

I guess part of the infamous Carnahan’s town hall hit squad came back to bite him.

As I find more of them, I will add a list of psychotic liberals that attacked the continued peaceful Tea Party Members and Conservatives as the purveyors of this firebombing:

  • Chad Garrison – Riverfront Times – Blog 1
  • Chad Garrison – Riverfront Times – Blog 2
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Russ Carnahan’s Stealth Campaign

Simple.  In Missouri, if you are a Carnahan, get into office based on your name while no one is really watching.  Then, hide when it’s time to run against a qualified candidate.  We’ll see Russ on the Campaign Trail very soon.  Here’s the schedule from his web site:

Maybe it’s a Stealth Campaign?!?

For full disclosure, Ed Martin’s site doesn’t even contain a calendar; time to get your schedule out there too Ed!  But, I receive regular campaign e-mail keeping me posted of his whereabouts… …in case I want to ask him a question or two.

Signing up for Russ’ e-mail updates right now!

And thanks to the Post-DisInformation’s Jake Wagman for getting us the information on the date of the actual debate in, um, September.

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