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Mayor’s Representatives Coddle Occupy St. Louis

On Tuesday, 11/8/11, St. Louis Tea Party attended confab between the Occupy St. Louis stinkers and Mayor Slay’s mod squad.  Sadly, I ran out of juice long before the fun really started.  But, you can get a great idea of the level of insanity that is brewing in the City.

OStL made it clear that they were not going to leave the park.  St. Louis City Representatives were conned into giving them 24-hours notice before any eviction.  Why does OStL want 24-hours notice?  I know.  Hopefully the brain-trust on the Mayor’s staff will figure it out before they do it.

Jeff Ordower, of ACORN fame, now with MORE, drops the veil that this is just a grassroots event by FACILITATING the discussion as an obvious leader of the Occupy St. Louis movement.

Video 1 of 4:


Video 2 of 4:


Video 3 of 4:


Video 4 of 4:


One note to remember is that the OStL twits have a mindless view that no law can enhance the First Amendment Right to Assemble and Freedom of Speech.  Clearly they would support Workplace Sexual Harassment and Shouting “Fire” in a Crowded Theater.

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Son Of Stimulus Tea Party

On October 4th, 2011, President Obama visited St. Louis to raise money and tout his Green Taxpayer Waste Jobs Bill Stimulus II.  He attended a fundraiser at the home of Stimulus I recipient Tom Carnahan – brother of Congressmen Russ Carnahan – who received $107,000,000 from Obama’s first stimulus.

Early in the evening, unhampered by Obama supporters, the evening was a typical respectable gathering of the St. Louis Tea Party:

Bill Hennessy got the Rally going:


Jim Hoft picked it up from there:


Craig Arnzen from the Mizzou College Republicans joined in on the fun:


And Jen Ennenbach, media liaison, batted cleanup:


The early part of the night was great… …it went downhill from there!


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Zimmerman: Post Dispatch Silence Is Deafening

As the news broke on Stuart Zimmerman’s special tax assessment treatment by the Charlie Dooley administration and the questions started flowing to his son and County Assessor candidate Jake Zimmerman, I began to watch the Post Dispatch web site to see how they handled the story.

About half-way down the image, you can see that the PD was burning the midnight oil to get out the story on Zimmerman’s opponent L.K. “Chip” Wood being late on his business property taxes.

So, considering the Zimmerman story also started breaking on 3/24/11, we could assume that this story would also appear quickly!


Jake Zimmerman - StL PD Stories - 20110329 - 01

Maybe they needed a heads up on this story, so I contacted their Politics Reporter Jake Wagman.

Again, crickets:

Jake Zimmerman - StL PD Stories - 20110329 - 02

We’ll see if he replies.

No worries; I’m sure the Editorial Department’s endorsement (below) of Jake Zimmerman will not bleed over into the news department, and the father’s assessment story will appear soon.

“If there must be an elected assessor, it should be someone professional enough to understand the complications of the job and compassionate enough to care about people with problems. Also, his taxes should be current. We recommend Jake Zimmerman.”

Hopefully, the PD Editorial Department will let us know if they continue to recommend candidates who obviously engage in favoritism and nepotism.


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Schnuck’s Panic Aisle Now Open


Schnucks Panic Aisle - 01With the Meteorologists warning of 40 to 60 inches of snow, the Rockin’ Conservative just got official notice that the Schnuck’s Panic Aisle is now open at all St. Louis and Cape Girardeau area stores.

In what is expected to be a day of heavy panic, St. Louis and Cape Girardeau shoppers can rest easy that their most basic snow-day needs are available for handy purchase at your local Schnuck’s.  The Panic Aisle allows for the easy quick sale of Bread, Milk and Eggs in preparation for the  imminent Snowtastrophocalypse.  A breakfast or lunch of French Toast is a MUST on Snow-Days!

Additional items such as salt, ice melt, snow shovels, sleds, wine, movies, and chicken noodle soup may be found in the Panic Aisle.

Double Coupons if you get there before 6:00am!

Do not ram shopping carts or otherwise injure fellow shoppers!

That is all.

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What Was That Mr. Dooley?

The Post-Dispatch reported on the Charlie Dooley / Bill Corrigan debate — candidates St. Louis County Executive.  Dooley affirmed during the debate that he did not support such a merger and an earlier Post-Dispatch article was a “misstatement”.

Then, the writer, Paul Hampel, actually goes on to relate more details of a previous article where Dooley had “favored such a merger” and discussed a flap over the wording on whether or not it was a “priority”.


Many of us who have come to view the Post-Dispatch as a… …well… … Democrat shill, left-wing rag, progressive tripe… …are happy to note the full disclosure of the article.  Thank you Mr. Hampel; I’m glad you were able to sneak this one past your editors!

Keep it up Post-Dispatch and you’ll shed that nasty image of bias and your Post-Disgrace pseudonym.

Now, Mr. Dooley, you should know by now that the American electorate is back on-line and paying attention.  To run for an office, you need to have your positions on issues defined… …and when you make a stance, you better stick to it.  That’s not just true for Incumbent Democrat St. Louis County Executive Candidates!  Everyone’s watching the Republicans even more closely; we don’t trust them either!

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