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Still A Jackass

If you hadn’t noticed, or maybe you forgot, Kanye West is still a Jackass!  On a telethon in 2005, West famously accused George Bush of ‘hating black people’ for not interfering with rushing down to view, first-hand, the hurricane Katrina clean-up.

President Bush lamented in his memoir and in interview about the low-point of his Presidency being this accusation of racism from Kanye West.

West, in a response interview, lamented that he could feel Bush’s pain because he too had been accused of being a racist for his rant during the 2009 VMA’s.

“With him, it was a lack of compassion of him not rushing, him not taking the time to rush down to New Orleans. For me, it was a lack of compassion of cutting someone off in their moment. But nonetheless, I think we’re all quick to pull a race card in America. And now I’m more open, and the poetic justice that I feel, to have went through the same thing that he went [through]—and now I really more connect with him on just a humanitarian level.”
No, Kanye.  Wrong again.
President Bush was reacting properly by staying out of the way.
You, however, are simply a Jackass.  You were in 2005; you were in 2009.  And, keeping your reign in 2010 seems to be in the cards.  Maybe you should highlight the year by replacing your teeth with diamonds — oh wait, been there done that.
President Bush has class.
You’re klassy.
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