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I attempted to attend the Right To Work hearing in Jefferson City today.  The room was overflowing, so instead, I h/t laborunionreport.comvisited with various legislators and friends throughout the building.  As I drove back to St. Louis, lots of questions were swirling in my head.  Here they are. Read them imagining they’re being asked with all possible condescension and loathing by David Spade’s character ‘Richard’ in the movie ‘Tommy Boy’:

If unions are so great and provide such a benefit to the companies and the state at large… …why do they need a law to force employees to join the union?

Shouldn’t the employees ‘want’ to join the union?

Why do unions think that employees will leave them when the Missouri voters free the employee to make their own decision? I thought unions were so great? Shouldn’t employees still ‘want’ to stay with the unions since they are so great?

If unions are so great, why do they need to have prevailing wage laws to be able to compete for state contracts? Shouldn’t union labor costs be lower because they are so great and competitive?

Don’t the union bosses believe in the freedom of the employee to make up their own mind in deciding to join the union based on the benefits that the union can offer them? Shouldn’t the employee be allowed the freedom to choose?

And since unions are so great, the employees will certainly choose to join them, right?!?! So, there’s nothing for the union bosses to worry about and this is much ado about nothing.

I’m sure the bosses at the unions are mostly pro-choice in killing babies.  Shouldn’t they also be pro-choice in joining the union as well?

Or, did we find another prime example of hypocrisy in the Democratic ranks.

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Chamber Of Commerce – Problem Solved

The recent flap over the Chamber of Commerce and the accusations by President Obama, David Axelrod, and the liberal mouthpieces evince an attempt to alter the debate against the massive failure of the Administration’s policies.  The accusation that there is foreign money and donations flowing into the Chamber of Commerce and being used to persuade the electorate.

Ignoring the fact that such activity is and has been illegal since 1907 under the Thomas act, the President and his minions are using the word ‘appears’ to provide cover from suits for libel and slander.

But, the problem could be quickly solved with two words:  Name Change

The President and his sycophants have no problems with Union influence on elections  (hell, back in 2008, they didn’t even care about making sure their web site runs software to ensure foreign monies are rejected by the campaign). Unions have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into elections to promote their liberal candidates.

So, let’s make a simple name change to the Chamber of Commerce and all will be well.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Chamber of Unions
  2. Union of Commerce
  3. Chamber Union
  4. Commerce Union
  5. It Doesn’t Matter What It’s Called As Long As Union Is In The Title

There you have it; problem solved.  Now back to examining the pathetic record of the Obama Administration.

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