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The Missouri Legislature Must ENACT Right-To-Work

The Missouri Senate has passed, and the Missouri House is considering SB 29 which will give a public employee the right to choose whether or not to allow Labor Unions to withhold fees and whether those fees can be used for Political Purposes.

In response to this effort by the Missouri Legislature, the Communications Workers of America Union sent out the following e-mail blast:

CWA E-Mail - 20130410

Again, that e-mail is sent in opposition to a bill that would give the CWA’s own members the right to choose whether or not union dues are withheld and used for political purposes!  You would think…


For some odd reason, First Responders are not granted the right to choose under this bill, but I digress.

Just to emphasize the CWA Union’s claims:

  • It is a direct attack on all of us that work every day and believe in the protections of a union.
  • It will lead to larger class sizes for teachers
  • It will lead to unsafe staffing levels for nurses
  • It would stop first responders like police officers from advocating for public safety needs
  • It would mean front-line state workers who work in our veterans’ homes would lose their voice on the job and in the statehouse
  • It would mean those who investigate child abuse and neglect would lose their voice on the job and in the statehouse

Anyone with a 9th grade education can read SB 29 and comprehend that the CWA claims are absolutely ludicrous.  I mean… considering unions are so great, why would a member choose not to send in their dues and allow them to be used for political purposes?!?  Unions are great, so there’s no reason for them to oppose letting members decide, right?!?

Sadly, the same level of ludicrousness was true of claims about the Prop B Puppy Mill ballot measure, yet Low Information Voters (LIVs) passed it by 51.6%.

The Missouri Legislature Must ENACT Missouri’s Right To Work Legislation!

With SB 29 in mind, the Missouri Legislature is also considering Right To Work legislation.  But, instead of directly enacting the legislation, they are planning to put it on the ballot.  Whatever the reasoning may be, it’s a H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. idea.

By putting the Right To Work legislation on the Ballot, the Missouri Legislature is setting up the State for a Wisconsonian Union and Media circus that could and should be avoided like the plague.  A fully staffed, highly funded maelstrom of Organized Labor disinformation will descend upon the state with all the commensurate physical threats and property damage.  It won’t be pretty:

  • Union Members bused in for massive inorganic rallies at the Capitol
  • Commercial after commercial with Republicans killing baby seals and Union Members
  • SEIU Goons attacking local vendors
  • Democrat Secretary of State Kander’s ballot language likely skewed to prevent passage
  • Claims of evil Republicans firing teachers, first responders, cops, and nuns as well as swatting baby seals

With the CWA willing to make the above incredible claims over a bill that gives their members the right to choose, legislators know that they will double-down on such ridiculous allegations in regards to Right To Work.

What is the Republican plan to fight against such bedlam?  At least one Representative thinks constituents should invest their time and treasure to fight for the measure.  What?!?  Missourians already invested their time and treasure to elect a veto-proof Republican majority in the House and Senate WITH the knowledge and expectation that they enact Right To Work legislation.  It is outrageous to expect Missouri Republicans to engage in this fight once again when it is not necessary.

What happens when the ballot measure fails?  In 1978, Right To Work legislation was placed before the people and it failed.  It has been 35 years since, and we are just now to the point where the legislation can be enacted by the legislature, and now is the time.

Another bill with the same exact wording, sans the voter approval, is also under consideration.  This Right To Work bill should be brought to the floor and receive a vote.  If it passes, great!  If not, then voters know which Representatives need to be lobbied to pass the bill in a future session.

Please contact your Legislator today and urge them to bring HB 95 to the floor for a vote.  This bill gives workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union.  Do we believe in Freedom in Missouri?  Yes, we do.

Again, considering unions are so great, why would a worker choose not to join?  What do the unions have to worry about?

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Wisconsin Recall Elections: Support Needed Now!

Your friends, the Soros funded, are working hard to recall the Senator-Statesmen of Wisconsin who bravely stood fast in the face of massive protests and pressure to do what’s right for their State — and the nation.  We just saw a massive capitulation in Congress where politicians, not statesmen, considered there careers first, and the American people, last.

Here’s the e-mail they sent this week:

Dear MoveOn member,

How good would it feel to see a big win for progressives right now—and a devastating defeat for the tea party?
Democrats in Wisconsin are on the verge of just that. And with just six days left in their campaign to recall the Republican state senators who aided and abetted Gov. Walker’s vicious attacks on working families, they need our help.
Polling released yesterday shows that it’s going to come down to the wire. Democrats are tied or slightly ahead in all six of the races1, but conservative groups like Citizens United and Club for Growth are targeting them with last-minute ads.2
We’ve got one last ad campaign ready to go, but we need $150,000 to launch it. Can you chip in so we can win these races, show Republicans nationwide that attacking working folks has consequences, and show Democrats that fighting for working families is a winning strategy?
Click here to chip in $5 on ActBlue.
Too many Democrats in Washington are refusing to stand up and fight for working families. But when the radical Republican attacks started in Wisconsin this winter, progressives fought back, and Democrats had their backs.
Thousands took over the state capitol, and hundreds of thousands marched on the streets of Madison. And rather than dismissing that energy, or ignoring it, the Wisconsin 14 left the state for weeks, at great personal cost, to stop Gov. Walker’s radical policies.
So with just six days left in this battle, we need to show that progressives can win—not just to stop Gov. Walker, but also to send a message across America that if you fight for us, we’ll fight for you. We’re partnering with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America to run one last round of ads, but we need $150,000 to launch the campaign.
Click below to chip in via ActBlue to fund one last round of ads:
(Link Removed)
Thanks for all you do.

–Daniel, Julia, Elena, Mark, and the rest of the team

The Left is using the big pockets of major donors and soliciting for donations from average Joe’s to advance their big government, big union agenda.  Unions are pouring in money.

If you supported the Statesmen in Wisconsin, now is the time to put your money where your mouth is.  Provide some financial support to continue to loosen the stranglehold that Public Service Unions already have on your pocketbook.


I found a group called CERS (Committee to Elect a Republican Senate) that is accepting donations.  There are direct links to the candidates.

Help. Now!


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Manager of Nuclear Power Workers Union Advocates Industrial Sabotage and Violence

Most Missourians have felt safe in the shadow of the nuclear power plant in Callaway County since its activation on December 19, 1984. Very little news comes out of the plant, and we count on our State and Federal governments to ensure its safety. Fear may have spiked in the days after the 9/11 attacks, but levels of concern have returned to normal as the State and NRC increased security at the plant.

What if I told you a sabotage-promoting self-avowed communist was the Business Manager for the Union that represents workers at the Callaway plant and all of Ameren UE in Missouri? Industrial Sabotage! Feel safe now?

Videos have come to light on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government web site, via the St. Louis Tea Party site, and others documenting the involvement of Don Giljum and Judy Ancell in Labor Relations classes held at UMKC and UMSL. The videos highlight Giljum’s advocacy of Industrial Sabotage as a means of breaking management to the Union’s will:

“[They say] Industrial sabotage doesn’t have its place; I think it certainly does”

Don Giljum is the Business Manager for THE Union whose members work at Callaway. If Giljum is so willing to openly advocate Industrial Sabotage ON TAPE in a college classroom, are we to believe that he wouldn’t push for such sabotage with the Shop Steward at the Callaway Plant? (Giljum was directly involved in litigation between Joseph Wallendorf and Ameren UE and Callaway)

h/t AFLCIO Photo Stream

Are we going to allow Giljum to head up the next set of negotiations with Ameren UE in light of this revelation? What if MO voters don’t approve of the plan to add additional nuclear facilities to the site? Industrial Sabotage?

No. Ameren and the IUOE must remove Giljum from his current employment and any posts held with the union.  There is no room for Progressive Communist Saboteur Don Giljum at Missouri’s Nuclear Facility… …let alone near any electrical outlet!


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Challenging Governor Walker

AFP launched a website called Stand With Walker in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

“Americans for Prosperity today launched where citizen activists from across the country can show support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s common sense reform to end union collective bargaining and tackle the state’s nearly $4 billion deficit.”

I’ve never seen the $4 Billion figure, but I’ve seen $3.12 Billion over the next two years. Please Stand with Scott Walker as this issue and its resolution will be a turning point for America – towards freedom or further entrenched socialism.

The Rockin’ Conservative could not agree more that it is time for the States to deal strongly with people – be it unions, welfare recipients, or other administrative / elected personnel – who make their living off the taxpayer’s dollars.

Subsisting on the taxpayer’s dime is a CHOICE.  If you want to be a teacher and don’t want to work for the State, teach at a parochial or private school.  If you want to take the taxpayers money because you are down on your luck, prove that you’re worthy by submitting to drug testing.  If you want to serve your State or Country as an elected official or other administrator, don’t plan on getting rich!  Plan on earning what the average American earns, plan on providing for your retirement like the average American, and plan on providing for your healthcare like the average American.

But, in order to expect the unions and others to make concessions, we must have expectations of the Republican leadership of Wisconsin.

Thus, we must Challenge Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans in the State Capitol to support at least a 5% reduction (preferably 10%) in salaries and benefits of all State Representatives, State Senators, the Governor himself, and all employees/bureaucrats at the State Capitol.

If you believe the unions should sacrifice, so should you!

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Wisconsin: Firing Photos

As usual, Michelle Malkin quickly finds the hypocrisy of the left in their nationwide support for the Wisconsin Public Employees Unions.  While protesting to prevent the state of Wisconsin from requiring public employees to contribute to their pensions and health care, SEIU, the thuggery arm of OFA, is requiring their employees in New York to do just that:

“Meanwhile, union leaders elsewhere are quietly forcing their low-wage members to share the sacrifice in order to preserve teetering health funds. In New York state, Skidmore College campus janitors, dining service workers and other maintenance employees received late notice from the SEIU that 4.15 percent of their gross earnings will now be deducted from their paychecks to cover the cost of the health plan provided through the behemoth 1199 SEIU Greater New York Benefit Fund. (If the name sounds familiar, it’s because this is one of several privileged SEIU affiliates that has received an Obamacare waiver.)”

Beyond that hypocrisy, many of the protesters have called in sick to their taxpayer funded jobs to go to the Wisconsin State Capitol to join in on this protest.  They lied to their supervisors.News Real Blog

What happens if I lie to my supervisor?  Lie to my boss?

I have a simple request for the Governor of Wisconsin and any other state that may find themselves on the receiving end of such a sick-out.

Will you please get all the photos and video you can of the attendees of the sick-out, find out who they are, and FIRE THEM?!?!  Fire Them!




AOL News.


Fight Back NewsMuch like many who work for they taxpayers (Congressmen / Presidents), for some reason, these State Employees think that they can live by different rules than I do.




If I call in sick to go to a Political Rally, I should be fired.  So should they!

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Why The Democrats Hate The Rich

Historically, the Republicans have been viewed as rich Phat Kats with $1200.00 suits, canes and monocles.  And the hippie Democrats of the 60’s were taught to hate them and their power.  Flower power baby!

But, some how, some way, the DNC has had plenty of money to win elections and hold Congress and the Presidency for many years over the last few decades.  That money must have come from somewhere, and it didn’t come out of the pot-smoke-filled rooms where the hippies make love – not war.  Somebody RICH must be giving to the Democrats.

Why do Democrats hate rich people?  Well, let’s take a look at the folks writing the big checks to the Democrat Party and their candidates:

  • Unions:  There haven’t been any problems w/ unions over the past 50 years.  Andy Stern and Richard Trumka are the Jimmy Hoffa of today.  Historical corruption of the unions is well known and rampant today!
  • Hollywood: With the psyches devoid of responsibility and decency, many of the Hollywood elite (think Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West) are an embarrassment to the country, their families, and their craft.
  • Real Estate:  Plenty of shady Real Estate dealings over the past 40 years culminating in the corrupt usage of Eminent Domain to run citizens out of their homes to build the latest strip mall.
  • Wall Street: The myth that Wall Street Phat Kats are in bed with the Republicans continues to be touted by the DNC.  61% and 64% of Wall Street donations went to Democrats in 2004 and 2008.  Who’s in bed w/ Wall Street?
  • George Soros:  The man that brought down the British Pound has giving millions of his billions to the Democrats to advance his and their liberal / progressive agenda
  • And with $168,000,000+ given to Democrats in 2004 and 2008, the Lawyers/Law Firms top the list of donors to the DNC

These are the groups, the people, the lobbyists with whom the Democrats interact.  These are the ‘evil rich people’ who avail themselves to the Democrat circles.

Democrats lawmakers must sit back and see these rich people — their corruption, their elitism, their vacuous nature — and assume all rich people are just as bad.

If these rich people are that corrupt, so must all the rest!


No wonder the Democrats hate the rich!

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