Hey AP! Wrong Headline AGAIN!

The AP’s headline of UNEMPLOYMENT RATE FALLS IN 39 STATES IN JUNE belies the truth about the story, and one sentence in, the reader gets a completely different narrative.  Someone reading only the headline will view the economy as improving just as the writer, Christopher  S. Rugaber, hopes.  Again the AP’s left-wing, Obama supporting staff attempts to make lemonade out of lemons to uplift their Messiah, Obama.  Maybe Mr. Rugaber is a member of the Journolist, because otherwise, the headline would be “In Frustration, More Americans Give Up Looking For Work”.

The first sentence of the article is “The unemployment rate fell in most states in June, mainly because more people gave up searching for work and were no longer counted.”  Simply put, the economy sucks, Obama’s policies have failed, things aren’t better, but we can use fuzzy calculations to say that they are!

In the manner of the Massachusetts laws for replacing Senators, maybe the Department of Labor can further refine its  calculations of the Unemployment Rate in a way that when Democrats are in power, the US is at 100% employment.  When Republicans are in power, the US Unemployment Rate is 20%.

The AP’s headline is just that ridiculous!

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