Obama: An Glimmer Of Sanity

After complaining about Obama’s…

  • Lack of experience
  • Marxism, Socialism, Communism beliefs
  • Destruction of the Private Sector Employment Opportunity
  • Vast Expansion of the Size of the Federal/State Government and National Debt
  • Massive Seizure of Power and Control
  • Out of Touch Narcissism
  • Shutdown of Energy Supply
  • Paybacks to Union
  • Vote Buying

…I finally have something for which to compliment.

Today, Obama signed a bill to reduce the tariffs on raw material imported into the US.  The company for which I work has been fighting long and hard against the bureaucracy of the ITC to reduce a tariff on raw magnesium that has destroyed the die cast industry.  The tariff has run manufacturing out the US to other countries that can import the cheap raw material, produce components, and import them into the US without the tariff.  US Manufacturers can’t compete with additional price of the raw material.

This effort by Obama and Congress is an extremely conservative free-market move.  I support the effort.

Sadly, I’m all to jaded and cynical about the effort.  What devil is in the details as with the recent bailout of the State Employees?  We’ll see, but the premise, if continued, is valid!

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