State Of The Union RSVP

Warn your local Congressmen that the RSVP they give to the Democrat’s co-opting of the State Of The Union Address may be used against them… …and us.

In the latest attempt by the Left (Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, et al) to quell free speech and silence dissent, they have callously called for less vitriol, calm, unity, and crossing-the-aisle all while stoking the fires with their own rhetoric.

Now, the Left is calling for the integration of Democrats and Republicans at the State of the Union address this February to show “unity” and a “willingness to work together”.  If the Republicans fall for this cold-blooded attempt to create a photo-op for the President, they are as clueless now as when they lost the House, Senate, and Presidency in 2006 and 2008.

Picture for yourself the 75-ish outbursts of applause and ovation with Democrat Senators and Democrat Congressman standing up ALL OVER the House Chamber while Republicans stoically harumph!  Think about how such a display will give the indication that the entirety of the Senate and the House and all of the People are ONE with “The One”.  Remember the disgusting nature by which the Left Wing Media has used the Tucson Shooting to further their agenda and consider that in light of how the integrated SotU will be spun!

Republicans be warned.  You are being played by an soulless enemy and a corrupt Left Wing Media.

If this unified seating arrangement is such a wonderful idea, tell the Democrats you’ll start that new trend the next time a Republican is President!

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