Protect Your Internet From Censorship

The Internet has been a shining example of what the Free Market (Capitalism) can do when the infection by the Federal Government is kept at a minimum.  Of course that won’t do.


And, like the crony capitalism of the Green Movement, big business is pushing the government to pass business crushing regulations to benefit their own entities while keeping new start-ups off the map.

HR 3261, the so-called Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), gives broad authority to shut down access to web sites, possibly even Facebook, YouTube, and Google, because an individual posts one link to or a file copy of protected content.  Additionally, the door is wide open to shutting down (censoring) sites that have opposing political content.

Please read up more on this issue and contact your U.S. House and Senate members telling them to stop this effort at Communist / Fascist / Chinese style Internet Censorship!


12 responses to “Protect Your Internet From Censorship”

  1. It’s interesting – and I’m SURE just a wild coincidence – that Chris Dodd is now a lobbyist for the entertainment industry. Look what he did in Congress for the banking industry. Wow! It’s doing just great now that it’s practically a public-private monopoly.

    1. The banking industry is every bit as private as it always has been, and since the economic downturn of 2008, the banking industry is STRONGER than before, and still continuing its deceptive practices.

      1. The banks are stronger than before. That’s the point. Without government bailouts, banks engaging in poor professional practices should have failed. The Treasury spent $316b to essentially bail out these banks. To date, Treasury has recovered $59b. With public funds/debt financing private banks, there is effectively a partnership.

        The banking industry is the most highly regulated industry in the US but the banks continue their deceptive practices. The government has done next to nothing about this. Is the SEC, etc., completely incompetent in overseeing the financial industry or complicit with it? I’m going to guess complicit. Effectively, a corrupt partnership.

        Dodd, as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee was a champion for the banking industry. He represented the best interests of the banks over the public interest. The Frank-Dodd bill was his parting gift to his political benefactors.

      2. @Kahki ; I was disappointed as well in Dodd, but not surprised. These days, it seems everybody is out for themselves, regardless of political affiliation. I agree with much of what you’ve written.

        Regarding the power of the banks, let’s included some additional basics:

        “The repeal of provisions of the Glass–Steagall Act by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act in 1999 effectively removed the separation that previously existed between investment banking which issued securities and commercial banks which accepted deposits. The deregulation also removed conflict of interest prohibitions between investment bankers serving as officers of commercial banks.”

        After the repeal, the banks had open season on the casino gambling which led to the collapse of 2008. After the collapse, some of the larger banks absorbed some of those in jeopardy, and the banks and Wall Street are still continuing the gambling as though nothing happened in 2008.

        I do not perceive the “public” aspect of the banks as you do. Because they owe the Government money doesn’t mean the Government is regulating them. In fact, the opposite seems true.

  2. You state: “The Internet has been a shining example of what the Free Market (Capitalism) can do when the infection by the Federal Government is kept at a minimum.”

    This is a complete fabrication. For those of us who have been around since the beginning of the Modern Internet, and know how the Internet works from inside out, the Internet has actually been a shining example of what Socialism can do when an open source, information superhighway is made free to all.

    Everyone who has the true spirit of the Internet in their heart knows that Capitalism has been the worst enemy of the Internet as the Internet was originally intended.

    1. You are correct on the Socialism of the internet. Hell! If the feds pushed it, that tells all!
      But what he says here is why they are scrambling like hell to keep the internet and its roots socialist. It is purely because of: “what the Free Market (Capitalism) can do when the infection by the Federal Government is kept at a minimum.”
      They underestimated the power of Capitalism and the free markets.

      1. When the “free market” (which is not really “free”) has its way with the Internet, censorship will be routine. Bandwidth accessibility will be modulated in such a way as to keep those less financially endowed from enjoying faster Internet speeds.

        The best thing that can happen to the Internet is that the “free market” is kept out of any controlling aspect of the web.

    1. SOPA is a smoke screen designed to create a sense of insecurity amongst people that “their” intellectual property is being stolen. Yes, there is piracy. But no one in this country will EVER stop the piracy being committed by those in China and Korea and other nations outside of our jurisdiction.

      SOPA will, however, put unnecessary burdens on the American consumer by allowing mechanisms which will effectively infringe even more on the privacy rights of the average Internet user

      1. And fear will rule. It is in the playbook, if allowed.
        And on control of the internet, you may or may not be correct, but I’d pick capitalism over socialism any day! Despite smokescreens, SOPA would be the most intrusive steps as part of Agenda 21 principles and the invasion of one world control in every niche of personal lives, IF accepted by the people.
        Yeah, yeah, I know the people have allowed it. But that just shows the naive trust they cling onto still thinking we live in a perfect world.
        The internet has been pushed on the people as the greatest “must have” hoax in historu…
        now rural America is being prodded to accept it and get into the “web” for greater access and control by unseen forces, who are becoming more and more transparent.
        Well. They people are waking up on both sides.

  3. It’s not that capitalism failed- the issue is crony capitalism.

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