Horsepower: The Latest Insanity From The 9th Disctrict Court


Big Brother still at it in San Francicso.


In 1787, the Founding Fathers set up a government of the people, by the people, and for the people with limitations on the responsibilities and activities of the Federal (and State) governments with Amendments to ensure the rights of the people.

And in 1787, in the words of the Constitution and Amendments, the Founding Fathers legalized the government’s ability to track your horse.  Yes, the Founding Fathers said the government could, without warrant, track the movement of your horse throughout the countryside, city or state.  Only if you were rich living inside a gated community were you able to escape this tracking.  If you were poor and just hitched your horse outside your house (or tee pee), the government has the right to track the movement of that horse.

Sound crazy?  Well, it’s not crazy in our (favorite) 9th Circuit Court.  In their latest madness, the court has ruled that the government, without warrant, can attach tracking devices to the vehicles (horses) of suspects and track their movements.

The dissenting justice on the 3-judge panel declared that 1984 had arrived — a bit late.  The other two justices agreed that placing a GPS device on a suspect’s car is the same as tossing a newspaper into a yard or retrieving a wayward kickball from a neighbor’s yard.

I suspect those two judges of insanity, and without warrant, I want GPS devices attached to their vehicles to see if they are behaving incoherently as they move throughout the community.  With that evidence, I will have them committed to the nearest sanitarium.  Would those two judges accept that usurpation of their rights?  Of course not.

The bottom line is that the Declaration of Independence was created to throw OFF the bonds of tyrannical government, to limit the power of the government, and, simply, to give man freedom.  The Constitution set up the Courts to protect that freedom!  Read that again.  The courts were set up to protect the freedom of the people from the tyranny of government power evident in all National Governments throughout history.  Apparently, the Ninth Circuit Court needs to read their job description.  Apparently, they have more horsepower than horse sense.

Would the founding fathers agree that the government, without warrant, could place a GPS on your horse?  Not just ‘No’… …HELL NO!!

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