Getting Cained

Bill Clinton was accused of rape, sexual assault, and impeached for lying under oath about an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Liberal Media?  Crickets.

Barack Obama wrote a book in which he admitted using cocaine and marijuana

Liberal Media? Crickets.

Someone leaks to Polit(bur)ico that Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment in 1992.

Liberal Media? ON FIRE!!

However, to date, no one has identified the larger problem that has surfaced in light of the Herman Cain Sexual Harassment kerfuffle:

Herman Cain - 01

The real problem? No one in Cain’s campaign has enough political prowess to think, This story will come out; we better get in front of it; we better time the release; we better choreograph the response; we can make this work for us.’

No. Mr. Cain’s staff did none of that, and it appears possible that the release of this news came through a supporter of another Republican in the Presidential Primary contest.

How adolescent is Mr. Cain to think that something such as this would not come out?  How juvenile is his staff to not prepare for its broadcast? What other skeletons will jar his campaign?

Sadly, while we really like the straight-talking Cain, he may be ripe for more scandals… …as a third sexual harassment accuser is coming to light.  But, beyond that, his ‘chops‘ continue to be less than impressive.

I am no fan of the politics of this company’s owner.  But, your humble blogger was amused by a design from T-Shirt Hell today:

I may not already hate the next president, but I do hate the fact that I don’t have a good Conservative, well-versed, intelligent candidate to get behind!

4 responses to “Getting Cained”

  1. I am so disgusted with our choices,
    Cain, for example (!) has a serious mental disconnect somewhere.
    How he is getting his ratings up is a serious attitude problem with America and Obama…not an appreciation for Cain’s abilities.

  2. I understand the concern we are conditioned to have..that of yearning for a well spoken, articulate hero to take the bad guys on, lean out the outlaws, and restore our feeling of security, peace, and serenity.

    I’m reminded of the old Cowboy Westerns such as High Noon, and many others of the same theme where the hero cowboy goes out into the street to face the bad guys alone. While the rest of the good town folk who have acquiesced to the incremental evil deeds of the corrupt mayor, and his gang. When thing get intolerable, and the dastardly town boss has become too brazen after having trapped the good citizens in his web of deciet and a litney of dastardly deeds designed to sapp the materal wealth from the people, manipulating each one to do his bidding. However the good citizens having reasoned why they can’t partake in such a duty due to family, job and business concerns, hide inside and peer through the curtains to watch the demise of their champion about to take place on main street.

    I see “we the people” you and me, as those good town folk, who if each one assumed their duty and stood united, each willing to fight back together against the outlaw mob taking over their town, there would be no need to be overly concerned about the gaffs, and squirm from the embarrassment of their champion being slimed, and their honor, and their integrity being smeared along with the man they felt would win the day for them.

    Now more than ever is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. We need to focus on fundamental restoration of the principles our country was founded upon and demand our representatives by whatever government title they seek to win, commit to those principles and promote policies and programs that restore them to our government.

    When we find a man or woman who commits to those principles in their heart, then we need to stand with them, and stand up for them while they are standing up for us and those principles. The media slime machine will lose its potency once they see you won’t be dismayed and dis-swayed from staying strong and not abondened the one loyal to your mutual commitment.

    Sticking to your principles, having faith in them your fellow countrymen who unite with you in them, and in those who seek to bring those fundamental changes to our goverhment will restore our individual freedom, and our constitutional framework articulated in our Declaration of Independence.

    God Bless, and God Bless America, again.

  3. […] previously wrote that my problem with Cain on this issue is what seems like a lack of preparation by Mr. Cain and […]

  4. […] previously wrote that my problem with Cain on this issue is what seems like a lack of preparation by Mr. Cain and […]

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