Petraeus To The CIA

What a difference a boss makes.

General Petraeus, heroic architect of the victory in Irag, is now moving to lead the CIA… …as glowingly reported by the New York Times.

But, under the employ of George W. Bush, General Petraeus was blasted in the infamous ad “General Betray Us”.  The NYT even gave a 55% discount to the that was not in line with their policies.

h/t NYT / BareNakedIslam

How will Hillary Clinton be able to work with someone who requires a “willing suspension of disbelief” when testifying in Congress.  How will she question him at length as to why they haven’t located Osama Bin Laden (then 6) now 10 years since the 9/11 attacks?

h/t NY Sun

But, just like if you want to find a racist pastor, all you have to do is follow Obama to church… …if you want to find a hypocrite, talk to a Liberal.

Now, he’s all okee-dokee because the Liberals are in charge.

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